Specialists being Employed to Increase Chain of Responsibility Investigations

State Authorities are Employing Specialists to Increase Chain of Responsibility Investigations.

Victoria Police are now employing over 20 specialist mechanics to conduct roadside maintenance inspections.  Already thousands of road side inspections have been conducted.

“And it’s rumoured they found one truck with the trailer brakes chained back because the air hose connections were broken.”

Victorian Police are including vehicles under 4.5 tonne in the inspection as well.police

“Victoria forecasts over $750 million in revenue from Road Traffic Offences in 2014/15 budget”

It is expected that Victoria will significantly increase its focus on Chain of Responsibility education and prosecutions, driven by the leadership of Richard Bell from Vic Roads.

Western Australia
The Western Australian’s have adopted a clever approach by creating an Intelligence unit under WA Main Roads, headed by a highly regarded Police Inspector.  The unit will gather and analyse data from multiple sources and then direct Police Resources towards key areas of risk or concern.

Using the latest in intelligence systems and with a staff of over 20 people this unit will set the benchmark for Australia.

The NSW Transport Minister, Duncan Gay has been the most public of all politicians nationally in driving home the Chain of Responsibility message.  As a result, (or may be as a result of the quiet work of RMS management team behind the scenes), NSW has been the most strident and public in enforcing the Chain of Responsibility measures.  It also the most diligent in committing resources to enforcing the legislation with over 300 people employed in Chain of Responsibility enforcement provisions.  In fact it is cited that NSW spends over 50% of Australia’s total expenditure on Chain of Responsibility enforcement.

“Lennons fined 1.3 million for Chain of Responsibility breaches in a NSW court”.

Don’t Risk it
Across Australia after a slow start, the Enforcement of Chain of Responsibility is beginning to take place, including investment in the resources needed to inspect and investigate.

Ignorance is no longer an excuse.

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