TLIF2010A – Apply fatigue management strategies


The importance of Fatigue Management has become even more critical for companies and individuals with the national implementation of the Compliance and Enforcement (Chain of Responsibility) model legislation.

Latus delivery of Australian Government Nationally Accredited course TLIF2010A – Apply fatigue management strategies focuses strongly on teaching the “how to”. This course precedes the how to administer fatigue management TLIF3063A – Administer the implementation of fatigue management strategies

How to apply fatigue management strategies, including identifying and acting upon signs of fatigue and implementing appropriate strategies to minimise fatigue during work activities, in accordance with legislative and regulatory requirements not just log book compliance. This focus is important under Chain of Responsibility as it no enough just to have a certificate you need to understand it.

Product Description

This course is a Australian Government Nationally Accredited course.

Fatigue Management Strategies

Fatigue Management Strategies are more than just log book compliance. Organisations and individuals must understand the “how”: How to implement, how to recognise fatigue and more. Why – because Fatigue Management is good business practise and it forms a critical element of the Chain of Responsibility.

Schedulers with Transport operations must be trained and certified in order to manage drivers working in excess of 12 hours per day as per Australian Fatigue Management rules.

Latus establishes and audit fatigue management systems for companies, the lessons learnt from practical hands on experience are added to the already extensive industry knowledge we have, to ensure that we continue to deliver the most highly regarded Logistics Risk Courses in South East Asia and Australia.


This unit involves the skills and knowledge required to apply fatigue management strategies, including identifying and acting upon signs of fatigue and implementing appropriate strategies to minimise fatigue during work activities, in accordance with legislative and regulatory requirements. Licensing or certification requirements are not applicable to this unit.

Application of Fatigue Management Strategies Unit

Persons achieving competence in this unit will need to fulfil the applicable federal and state/territory legislation and relevant regulations covering the management of fatigue in the workplace.
Work is performed under some supervision generally within a team environment. It involves the application of the relevant regulations, codes and guidelines of the federal government and state/territory authorities concerning fatigue management during work activities and in particular when operating equipment, trains, vehicles, load shifting equipment, marine vessels and aircraft.

Fatigue Managment Units

1 Monitor the implementation of fatigue management strategies
2 Recognise breaches of fatigue management policies, procedures and regulations
3 Develop and assess staff competence in fatigue management
4 Provide feedback to employees on any shortcomings in fatigue management skills and knowledge
5 Report on the implementation of fatigue management policy

Fatigue Managment Pre-Requisites

Not Applicable

Employability Skills Information

Employability Skills This unit contains employability skills.

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Mike Wood

Mike is qualified in both Civil and Mechanical Engineering, with Post Graduate qualifications in Logistics and Business Administration and is a qualified RABQSA/Exemplar auditor. The initial phase of his career involved public roads and transportation authorities in technical and management roles with both VicRoads and the Victorian Ministry of Transport and designed Melbourne’s time public transport system Mike then moved into private industry and over several years, held General Manager positions with major logistics service providers with turnovers in excess of $500 million. As his expertise and knowledge grew he moved into consulting and became Principal Consultant with Dawson Consulting, one of the largest Supply Chain and Logistics consulting companies in Australia Mike is now Managing Director of LATUS Business Solutions, which is a highly regarded Business Improvement practice, operating in 3 major area; • Supply Chain & Logistics design; • Compliance implementation & management; • Risk analysis& Safety management • Leading training provider (RTO) in the area of Lean Logistics & Business He has been a Director of transport and logistics industry associations in Queensland and Victoria.

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