WA Chain of Responsibility

The Chain of Responsibility in Western Australia (WA) is very different to the rest of Australia’s Chain of Responsibility legislation.

WA Chain of Responsibility is Different

There are a number of critical differences, the major one is that it applies to ALL commercial vehicles used for hire and reward or the negation of hire and reward.

(Read why WA Got Chain of Responsibility right. or why it should apply to all commercial vehicles.)

This means even utilities delivering to your site can create a Chain of Responsibility Risk

Already a number of companies have been caught out applying Eastern States Chain of Responsibility solutions in preparation for the WA Chain of Responsibility regulation release in Oct 2014.  Adopting Eastern States Chain of Responsibility solutions or training will leave you and your company critically exposed in WA.

LATUS has been engaged by Main Roads WA to assist in the roll out of the new WA Chain of Responsibility legislation.

WA Chain of Responsibility Requirements

To meet the minimum requirements, Chain of Responsibility requires that all commercial vehicles traveling on roads comply with the legislation, which applies to:

  • Weight or total vehicle mass
  • Vehicle dimensions Length, width height
  • Driver fatigue and working conditions
  • Vehicle suitability and maintenance
  • Load restraints

Chain of Responsibility Regulations

Under CoR the new rules that apply are (but are not limited to):

  • Under CoR, everyone is accountable – the company, its staff and any drivers that the company engage (directly or indirectly);
  • CoR extends beyond the driver to include those who have any influence on the chain, meaning; anyone who has contracted or requested a driver to undertake a task, be it direct or inferred;
  • CoR applies to inbound and outbound products, where a company has control of what is leaving and arriving at their site;
  • It is incumbent on companies to have in place auditable systems that demonstrate to authorities their compliance with legislation in an ongoing and consistent manner

Chain of Responsibility Consultants

To date LATUS has briefed over 2000 people and companies in the new legislation and its impacts.  Furthermore it is at the forefront of helping companies create Chain of Responsibility compliance solutions in preparation.

So far LATUS has provided consulting assistance to companies from all the major economic drivers of the WA economy in developing Chain of Responsibility solutionsfrom:

  • Risk Analysis
  • Executive Briefings
  • Staff and Contractor Awareness training
  • Internal Compliance Officer training
  • Compliance Systems

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