Logistics Advice

Aligning the risk and the performance of your business is critical to the success of the logistics service providers. By aligning and balancing this risk it will dictate how your business will operate in the present and future. Latus can provide you with the skills and tools to enable you to identify and manage risk, a critical component in sustaining and growing business.

Whatever industry you’re in you want effective answers to your Logistics risks. Latus has built a reputation over the last 15 years for the quality and professionalism of its consultants and the advice they give.

Latus offers distinctive and tailored solutions for their clients, specialising in logistics risk. We offer innovative and practical solutions for the mining, transport, government and development sectors. We are proud of our ability to create and deliver the best logistics risk solutions to our clients.

Latus is always looking for ways to improve business and how we go about achieving success is as important as the success itself.

Our comprehensive advice services include:

Logistics Financial Risk

Logistics financial risk focuses on releasing committed capital to allow your business to operate and expand while supporting the business to improve customer relationships.

Logistics Management Risk

Focuses on relationships with;

  • Customers;
  • Suppliers, and;
  • Internal and external stakeholders.

In order to remove relationship risk and points of conflict that can effect operational efficiency, customer service and contract security.

Logistics Contract Management and Risk

Logistics Contract Management and Risk focuses on your businesses strengths and capabilities to ensure expert delivery of tenders and contracts whilst improving stakeholder relationships. It will provide your company with the tools to respond profitably tenders, and provide support from the bid stage through to turnkey.

 Logistics Efficiency Risk

Logistics Efficiency Risk focuses on the improvement of logistics operations through the physical design process of your companies;

  • Premises
  • Process
  • Traffic
  • Layout
  • Daily operations

Latus also specializes in delivering:

  • Top level executive briefings on critical logistics risk matters to boards, senior level executive and government.
  • Briefings to government and regulators on national disaster logistics and new logistics laws.
  • Monthly webinars on ‘hot topics’ to our existing client data base.
  • Key note speakers on all matters regarding Chain of Responsibility and logistics risk.

Latus also provides Logistic Consultant services to Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia