Disaster Management Logistics

There is no country that is immune from disaster, be it natural or man-made, an epidemic, pandemic or complex emergency.  Nor can neighboring countries stand by and watch – they are often compelled to act to provide support.

All types of disasters can interrupt essential services and these interruptions, if managed poorly, can have a devastating  long term effects on communities.

Disaster management involves activities that are designed to minimize loss of life and damages.

A key component of disaster management is to ensure that both the short term and long term negative impacts of  disasters are dramatically reduced; the ability to provide a quick and effective  logistics response

Latus has worked extensively on advising governments on logistics risk issues that can impede national productivity, which includes disaster management.

Disaster Management Logistics Solution

In 2006 Latus was engaged by the Australian Government to design a “Disaster Management Tool” that in case of a disaster. This solution enables Governments, Defence Forces, Emergency Services to effectively and quickly respond to disasters that require logistics support.

This tool is highly developed and enables Emergency Services, Governments, Defence forces to respond quickly and effectively, with a planned logistics response that  integrates into existing commercial and government supply chain networks.

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