Chain of Responsibility Compliance

LATUS has developed and proven a Chain of Responsibility compliance model for businesses of all sizes.

Based on the expertise we have gathered over 10 years, in assisting in legislation development, writing codes of practise, providing court appointed expert witness testimony, training and audits of over 200 companies.

Our Chain of Responsibility Compliance Solutions are provided to companies based on their needs.

Executive Briefings on Chain of Responsibility:

LATUS is regularly invited to provide Chain of Responsibility briefing sessions to Boards, Associations, Member Groups and Organisations.  Because we intimately understand the legislation and we are able to cite practical examples from actual cases, our presentations are regarded as “incredible” according to the Board member of one major ASX company.  Find out more about these click here.

Chain of Responsibility Risk Analysis:

We have developed an risk analysis model that enables us to conduct an analysis of your Chain of Responsibility risks, via a Gap Analysis audit.  This audit is conducted on your site with the results being presented to your management team.

Altenatively we can conduct a risk profiling analysis of your supply chain. This tool has been designed to accelerate the identification of risk areas in larger supply chains.

Presently we are conducting a risk profiling analysis of a supply chain with over 1000 suppliers

Chain of Responsibility Policies and Procedures

LATUS can help write your Policies and Procedures so that they are compliant with the requirements and most importantly understandable to the people that use them.  This is really important, as a recent court case held that the Policies and Procedures of a major transport company could NOT reasonably have been expected to have been understood by the drivers / loaders.  The company and its directors were fined over a million dollars as a result.

Our Chain of Responsibility policies and procedures are written to meet your requirements.  We do this through our consultative approach which enables clients to choose our level of involvement in the project.

Furthermore we have a proprietary inclusion in our approach to Policies and Procedures for Chain of Responsibility that assist significantly in their application.

Chain of Responsibility Training

We offer a number of tailored Chain of Responsibility training solutions for both the National Chain of Responsibility requirements and the Western Australian (WA) Chain of Responsibility, depending upon your needs.

Awareness Training.  Awareness training for Chain of Responsibility is provided to staff and contractors.  Our approach is to included relevance to them, so that they can understand the implications.  This training can be delivered either face to face or online depending upon your requirements.

Company Specific Training.  We provide training solutions to companies, usually based on the Gap Analysis, to enable them to deliver a more specific training course in Chain of Responsibility, this can be delivered face to face, via webinar or online.

Chain of Responsibility Compliance Officer Training.  We conduct Chain of Responsibility compliance officer training to enable nominated staff members to be educated in all aspects of  Chain of Responsibility.  This covers either the National legislation or the very different WA Chain of Responsibility laws.

Government Accredited Chain of Responsibility Training.  We can also provide the training in the Chain of Responsibility in Transport and Logistics Industry packages.  HOWEVER it should be noted that these courses are NOT applicable to the WA legislation and in some instances can NOT be assessed online in accordance with the training packages statement.

Chain of Responsibility Compliance Management System. LATUS has developed an online Compliance Management System for small to mid sized businesses.  Already in use in several companies, this system is designed to enable companies to reduce the administrative requirements of the legislation, whilst providing the necessary documenting evidence trail.

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