Fatigue Management saves lives

Truck Driver Fatigue It is no secret that fatigue can kill, fatigue is one of the biggest killers on our roads, in a recent study carried out by John Curtain university, it was found that over 10% of accidents were caused by driver fatigue. The study also found that truck drivers who have not completed […]

Chain of Responsibility set to save lives

The transport industry should welcome changes to legislation brought about by the introduction of Chain of Responsibility (CoR). CoR legislation focuses on road accidents involving commercial vehicles, and is a method that extends OH&S beyond the walls of your business. CoR an important legislation which aims to ensure organizational accountability and a consistent delivery of […]

The Western Australian Compliance & Enforcement Bill (Chain of Responsibility) – Your next steps

The Western Australian Compliance & Enforcement Bill (Chain of Responsibility) will bring with it major changes to the way that transport companies are regulated. In March 2014, Chain of Responsibility (CoR) will be introduced as law, which may bring with it issues important to your particular transport business, including prosecution and fines for those who […]

CoR Breaches Cause Fuel Shortage in Eastern States

Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane continue to be the hardest hit by petrol shortages as more than 100 Cootes fuel tankers are removed from roads to be grounded or repaired following a Cootes tanker crash in Sydney last week. In the fatal collision a petrol tanker lost control, smashed into four cars and exploded into a […]

Truck driver health crisis

Truck drivers unhealthiest lifestyles Truck drivers have the propensity to lead one of the unhealthiest lifestyles in today’s working class. The very nature of the work is sedentary and the work in and of itself is somewhat monotonous. Drivers spend long periods of time on the road away from their homes and families, are exposed […]