Chain of Responsibility Reasonable Steps Defence

The NSW Supreme Court has upheld the decision that a vehicle operator could not claim the “reasonable steps” defence after a breach of the mass requirement of the Road Transport (Vehicle & Driver & Management) Act because he did not check that a forklift operator had loaded the truck as instructed. The most common question […]

Maintenance is part of Chain of Responsibility

In recent weeks we have seen many reports on the Cootes incident in Mona Vale NSW. With a push to further involve equipment in any Chain of Responsibility prosecution. The ATA has been vocal with comments relating to maintenance be included under Chain of Responsibility. However, vehicle maintenance under the¬†Chain of Responsibility act is covered […]

Local Government (Councils) Chain of Responsibility Risks

Mike Wood recently presented to the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (IPWEA) conference on the Chain of Responsibility Risks to Councils and what to do about protecting themselves. A question and answer session arising from the presentation has been published on the IPWEA website – click here to read more To find out how […]