Logistics Management Courses

Whether its food or medicine, clothing or music, matches or lemonade logistics is involved every time you purchase a product, in fact, every product in your home right now has, in some way, been touched by the incredible field of logistics. Stop to consider the journey that each of these items has taken to get […]

Are you prepared for Chain of Responsibility?

Every day there are risk factors that may be impacting on your Logistics’ operations, risk factors that are increasing in application and scope that will result in damage to your brand. With the introduction of Chain of Responsibility legislation these risks are greater than ever before.  Do you know what risks your business is exposed […]

Indonesia’s Logistics Market Opportunites

The Indonesian government is currently making concerted efforts to plug infrastructure deficits in its logistics industry to attract foreign investment. Structural reforms in the government also show movement away from government ownership towards private sector participation and more independent regulation. This movement is ongoing, with further deregulation expected in many sectors. How foreign logistics companies […]

Viet Nam the Logistics Market Opportunity

Viet Namese logistic providers are small at this stage and can only handle 20% of the Viet Nam market demand.
In 2014 the Viet Namese Government is opening up their Logistics market. In accordance with Viet Nam’s commitment to the WTO, it will allow wholly foreign-invested entities to set up. Specifically most foreign logistics companies are positioning themselves as 3pl and 4 pl service providers.

South Korea and logistics opportunities in the ASEAN region

For those foreign companies wishing to take advantage of the many logistics opportunities in the ASEAN region, South Korea is an excellent gateway. South Korea is located in Northeast Asia between China, and Japan, two countries with large and steadily growing economies. South Koreas Incheon International Airport, connects to 157 cities in 49 countries, which […]

Business Logistics Marketing in the Asean Region

Over the past few weeks, we have discussed the great array of business logistics opportunities in the Asean region, whilst it is agreed that this is a growing market, how can a Western company succeed in this market? There is no reason why a Western company with a flexible, patient and ‘listening’ approach to marketing […]