Logistics Education

Logistics Education, Training and development, whether formal or informal, should be of highest importance in all companies, to increase market agility, lift productivity and to reduce business risk.

Latus is a thought leader in Logistics ideas, trends and regulations, regularly called upon by governments, organisations,industry associations and companies of all sizes to advise and solve Logistics Issues.  Such engagements enable us to bring the latest in Logistics knowledge and trends from across the region in to our courses, ensuring our students are at the best educated Logistics professionals.

In an economy where the only certainty is uncertainty, the one sure source of lasting competitive advantage is knowledge. (Harvard business review July 2007)

Latus recognises that there are two types of knowledge: Individual knowledge and Organisation knowledge. That is why Latus offers educational and training solutions to suit both the Individual and the Organisation.

Individual Education:  Latus offers a variety of Logistics Education and Logistics Training courses for Operators and Managers.  To see our Logistics courses click here.

Organisational Knowledge:  Tailored solutions that integrate and embed crtical logistics risk knowledge into the organisations activities and processes.  Corporations and Companies of all sizes use our Logistics Knowledge solutions to reduce logistics risk.  To find our more click here.

Latus is recognized across Asia and Australia for their thought leadership in new Logistics ideas and trends and quality of delivery in Logistics Education and has trained over 10,000 students in Australia and Asia.

Latus is leading Logistics Educator and Training provider in South East Asia and Australia, having educated over 10,000 students.

Latus offer a wide range of courses ranging from specialist management courses to employee development and also legislative required courses such as the Dangerous Goods License.

Latus offers accredited courses including; diploma, online training and face to face services. From off-the-shelf courses, learning management systems, customized training programs, blended learning and bespoke courses.
Latus provides the following in Education and programs:
Logistics Management Development Programs (LMDP) approaches education through a strong focus on practical real life business case studies, that enable students to apply theories taught to them by some of the regions most respected Logistics Professionals.
Prior students of these courses have gone on to hold senior executives positions throughout the region in Logistics

That is why the Logistics Management Development Program is so respected in the Logistics Industry.
Latus offers LMDP’s in:
•    Logistics Management
•    Logistics Engineering, and;
•    Event Logistics

Australian Certificate Level courses and accredited courses in specific Logistic Capabilities. In areas covering:
•    Logistics Project Management
•    Advanced Logistic Sales & Business Development
•    Warehouse Management
•    Transport Scheduling
•    Contract Negotiation
•    Inventory Management
•    Logistic  Channel Relationship Management
•    Logistic Chain Modelling

Diplomas and Certificate Courses that aim to provide professional knowledge in logistics and transport management for people already working in the field as well as those who are intending to pursue a career in this profession and include qualifications in;
•    Logistics
•    Business
•    Management
•    International Freight

•    Logistics Sales
•    Logistics scheduling
•    Fatigue Management
•    Occupational Health and Safety
•    Dangerous Goods
•    Chain of Responsibility

Operator skills and Logistics site training:
•    Load Restraint
•    Dangerous Goods
•    Induction
•    Evacuation
•    First Aid