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Your business is exposed logistics risks every day; do you know these risks are? Latus are the recognised Logistics Risk specialists in ASEAN, Australia and New Zealand – providing advise to Governments, Organisations and Businesses of all levels

Since our inception in 2003, Latus has grown to become the international thought leaders in Logistics Risk throughout Asia and Australia.

Today we are a company that are called upon to:

  • Advise Governments on logistics risk issues that impede national productivity.
  • Assist Organisations and Companies in solving logistics risk issues through advice, education and compliance.
  • Educate industry leaders through key note speaking engagements and regular articles.
  • Raise the productivity of companies via training in specialist logistic skills and education in enhanced logistics capabilities.

What is logistics Risk?
Your business is exposed to Logistics risk every day, risks that range from loss of clients, financial viability or brand integrity, to risks that will result in your company and your executives facing prosecution and serious charges

Logistics risks are elements of strategy, operations and compliance that can adversely affect an organisation’s market position, revenue, cost effectiveness or regulatory compliance.

Market Position:

Organisations risk their brand reputation through marketing statements that set customer expectations that subsequently can not be met by their Logistics strategy and operations.  In days of social media organisations risk significant consumer back lash to their brand.
Cost Effectiveness:  Customer service levels whether stated or contractual must be met profitably.  The financial viability of organisations can be directly impacted by inefficient logistics design or operations.
Compliance:  Increasingly Government regulations are exposing Executives of companies to serious punitive penalties for breaches of compliance in a multitude of logistics operations areas.

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Emma Baker

Emma Baker is a senior consultant for Latus. Emma has a background in communications and marketing, with a focus on business development. Her primary focus for Latus is assisting in spearheading the growth and direction of the company´s marketing initiatives in Australia as well as; channel development, strategic partnerships, brand image, and customer acquisition through both online and offline advertising. Emma resides in Melbourne Victoria and holds a degree in Business from Victoria University and Arts, from the University of Ballarat.

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