Logistics Compliance

Increasingly Government regulations are exposing executives of companies to serious punitive penalties for breaches of compliance in a multitude of logistics operations areas. Latus has been successfully working with clients on solving logistics compliance issues for the past 15 years.

When it comes to compliance issues relating to logistics risk Latus understands that the daunting challenges for your business!

Compliance Specialists

Latus expertise is called upon by national governments, regulators, companies and industry associations to:
•    Brief governments, industry bodies and associations on the development of regulations and legislative requirements
•    Write and develop Codes of Practice
•    Write codes of conduct for specific legislation

Compliance Solutions

Our focus is to ensure that compliance processes are being optimised and constantly anchored and integrated into your business.

As expert logistics risk compliance experts, we will support the implementation, further development and coordination of compliance-related matters. Working together with your business, Latus will help you to develop initiatives which you support your business comply and develop. Latus understands and has the tools to help your business face logistics risk challenges which include conducting internal compliance investigations and providing regular compliance reporting.

Latus offers a comprehensive set of standards-based, simple-to-use, and cost-effective compliance solutions. Latus compliance solutions can help you meet stringent regulations; comply with industry and government regulations and preserve your reputation.

Don’t wait till it’s too late; avoid damage to your company’s reputation, fines or even jail.

Latus can educate and assist you with what laws apply to you, what you need to do to comply, and the tools and resources that can help you to comply with regulations.
Latus provide Logistics compliance solutions through carrying out:
•    Audits;
•    Rectifications, and;
•    Certifications