Chain of Responsibility – the real risk

Are you in sales, operations, a manager or an executive of a company that manage or use road transport for any part of your business?

Do you have any influence at all over people buying, selling, scheduling, packing or receiving goods?

Sub-contracting out services does NOT remove your responsibility!

Then the National Compliance and Enforcement (Chain of Responsibility) rules may effect you – and personally!  National Compliance and Enforcement is known as Compliance and Enforcement in WA and as Chain of Responsibility in the other states.

Under Chain of Responsibility (CoR), everyone is accountable – the company, its staff and any drivers that the company engage directly or indirectly!

The Fines are Punitiveman chain larger

• Corporate Accelator Fines.

–           five times multiplier

• Commercial Benefit Penalties

–             three times multiplier

• Community Service orders.

–           of up to 400 hours (designed to impact directors and owners)

• Imposed supervision orders

• Industry prohibitions

Compliance and Enforcement Bill (also known as Chain of Responsibility)

The model Road Transport Reform (Compliance and Enforcement) Bill (also known as Chain of Responsibility), has now been enacted now across all Australian state and territory jurisdictions. A key feature of the legislation extends the general liability for offences to all parties involved in the consignment, packing, loading and receiving of road freight. The new laws also include improved enforcement and investigative powers, risk-based categorisation of offences (minor, substantial and severe) and a wider range of sanctions and penalties. The new approach will target those ultimately responsible for on-road breaches, rather than pursue just the Driver.

Already companies and executives have faced potential fines up to $20 million.

Chain of Responsibility (COR) is a national legislation that relates to what impact or influence that you may have on the transportation of goods or the use of commercial vehicles.

If you are not sure if you and your company are impacted or that you are taking reasonable steps to comply, then contact us via our live chat or email / phone.

Latus are the Chain of Responsibility Risk Specialists

Latus are the Australian and Asian recognised specialists in Logistics Risk.
Latus helped develop the legislation, have written Industry Codes of Conduct for Chain of Responsibility (CoR) and Compliance and Enforcement (C&E) AND have advised, educated and audited over a 100 Australian businesses and organisations in how to manage the Chain of Responsibility Risk.

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Mike Wood

Mike Wood, Managing Director – LATUS: Logistic Risk Specialists Mike Wood is the recognised Australian Specialist on Chain of Responsibility Legislation and its Impacts upon the Logistic Industry. Since 2003, Mike has been heavily involved in Chain of Responsibility (known as Compliance and Enforcement in Western Australia). Mike is frequently interviewed or comment sort by Australian Media outlets, as well as providing expert witness testimony in legal proceedings. Most recently engaged by the Western Australian Government to help educate WA businesses on the new Compliance and Enforcement legislation and its impacts on them. Mike regularly advises Governments and Business across South East Asia and Australia on Logistic Issues, and was particularly involved in the Chain of Responsibility legislation, and codes of practice. Mike’s expertise extends to multiple facets of the Supply Chain, having undertaken projects such as, Integrated Logistic Chain Design, Australian Disaster Management Response Logistics, Coal Chain designs, Port operation & infrastructure, Logging Operation design, Sugar production, livestock movements, logging etc.

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