Pressure Mounts for Chain of Responsibility Prosecutions

Chain of Responsibility pressure is mounting and you can expect to see more aggressive action by State Investigators.  The ABC Four Corners program last night just added fuel to the fire and the Transport Workers Union (TWU) claims in the NSW papers today that “Petrol Tankers are mobile bombs”

Chain of Responsibility NSW

Since the Mona Vale accident in October 2013, NSW Road and Maritime Services (RMS) led by the Minister has taken a high public profile series of actions to demonstrate their serious concerns about Chain of Responsibility.  It should be noted that the Mona Vale incident is still under Police investigation.

However , even though 4500 charges for Chain of Responsibility breaches have already been issued since 2005, we  expected that this will double over the next two years.  The reason being the increased attention being given to it by RMS.


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Western Australia Compliance Enforcement (Chain of Responsibility)

In WA, the new Compliance and Enforcement (Chain of Responsibility) legislation comes in to force this year, and it takes CoR much further than the Eastern States.  Already there is anecdotal evidence that WA intend to stringently enforce the legislation.  Also it is worth noting that WA is NOT a signatory to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator nor it is understood do the intend to sign up to it.

Queensland Chain of Responsibility

Queensland Government is beginning to show definite indications of prosecuting the Chain of Responsibility laws enacted in that state.  For example in the last week, they have stated that they are  taking the directors and managers of large North Queensland produce carrying transport company to court.

Charges have been laid against the two of its Directors and  Managers on several hundred charges relating to  chain of responsibility offences.

Victoria Chain of Responsibility

Victoria is probably the sleeping giant in some regards.  In 2013, Police conducted jsust under a 100 chain of responsibility investigations.  These investigations concentrated around the major areas of fatigue, speed management or mass, dimension and load restraint issues.

Police Intelligence Units for Chain of Responsiblity

Most states have Police Intelligence units within their Transport Departments looking to gather information on where and who to target.  This means that not just Transport companies but companies who buy transport services or receive the deliveries could be in line for investigation as Police Intelligence units gather information.

Fueling the Fire

Last night on the ABC Four Corners program (See below), Chain of Responsibility issues investigation into the Transport Industry was aired. The findings although well known to most in the Industry, will disturb the general public. This will ensure that Public pressure will mount on Governments to take action.

Add to the ABC program the TWU’s Mr Sheldons statements reported in the Daily Telegraph today, that

“Petrol tankers are literally mobile bombs,” Mr Sheldon said. “They’re at the most dangerous end of Australia’s most dangerous industry. Yet industry research shows drivers forced to speed, skip rest breaks and fake their log books just to keep their jobs. (source: Daily Telegraph)

If you have not taken action you should, as the prosecution penalties for Chain of Responsibility are severe, and go way beyond just financial penalties both to the Company and Individuals.

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Mike Wood

Mike is qualified in both Civil and Mechanical Engineering, with Post Graduate qualifications in Logistics and Business Administration and is a qualified RABQSA/Exemplar auditor. The initial phase of his career involved public roads and transportation authorities in technical and management roles with both VicRoads and the Victorian Ministry of Transport and designed Melbourne’s time public transport system Mike then moved into private industry and over several years, held General Manager positions with major logistics service providers with turnovers in excess of $500 million. As his expertise and knowledge grew he moved into consulting and became Principal Consultant with Dawson Consulting, one of the largest Supply Chain and Logistics consulting companies in Australia Mike is now Managing Director of LATUS Business Solutions, which is a highly regarded Business Improvement practice, operating in 3 major area; • Supply Chain & Logistics design; • Compliance implementation & management; • Risk analysis& Safety management • Leading training provider (RTO) in the area of Lean Logistics & Business He has been a Director of transport and logistics industry associations in Queensland and Victoria.

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