Why Fatigue Laws Reduce Load Restraint Safety

You often receive the most insightful comments from the older more experienced truck drivers. Late last year, an older truck driver with over 40 years experience, made the point to me that Fatigue Laws reduced Load Safety. Not getting what he meant, I asked him to explain, and when he did , I certainly could […]

Why Truck Driving Training Must be Reviewed

Do we need to train Truck Drivers to drive along specific roads?  That is the question now facing the industry, based on the South Australian Coroner report in two fatal truck crashes that recommended: “all truck drivers in South Australia and interstate be given specific training on using the down track of the South Eastern Freeway.” The […]

Chain of Responsibility Reasonable Steps Defence

The NSW Supreme Court has upheld the decision that a vehicle operator could not claim the “reasonable steps” defence after a breach of the mass requirement of the Road Transport (Vehicle & Driver & Management) Act because he did not check that a forklift operator had loaded the truck as instructed. The most common question […]

Australian Specialist on Chain of Responsibility Legislation

Mike Wood is the recognised Australian Specialist on Chain of Responsibility Legislation and its Impacts upon the Logistic Industry. Since 2003, Mike has been heavily involved in Chain of Responsibility (known as Compliance and Enforcement in Western Australia). Mike is frequently interviewed or comment sort by Australian Media outlets, as well as providing expert witness […]