LATUS Risk announced as industry finalist for Professional Excellence Award

LATUS is thrilled to be shortlisted as a finalist in the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILTA) annual awards for excellence for 2016. LATUS was nominated for “Excellence in Professional Development”, which focuses on organisations that demonstrate exceptional commitment to the development of personnel. The LATUS Logistics Executive Development Program (LEDP) was developed to […]

Supply Chain Leaders

The following presentation of Understanding  and Managing Supply Chain Risk is made available by LATUS to inform you of areas of your business which may be in violation of regulations. You can take our FREE survey by clicking here. LATUS will provide you a summary of how your company compares to others and will highlight […]

Industry Codes of Practice

Initially it needs to be stated that the C&E Bill has now passed through the West Australian Parliament and as such is effectively operational. This means that actual compliance with the Bill is now enforceable and prosecutions could commence. So be ready for an increased effort in this area by enforcement agencies.   With all […]

Chain of Maintenance

What do you say “yet another bit of legislation!”— Yes the “Chain of Maintenance” is here, “what do you mean you have never heard of it?” Hmmm well probably not…. I have just created that term as I write this article. Ok so it’s something I just conjured up, but believe me it’s not a […]

Load Restraint – “Load of Old Rope”

For some time there has been a lot of noise around load restraint on vehicles and in particular the use of ropes. There seems to be a love affair with Rope, maybe it’s the Boy Scout in all of us. So let me clear up a myth, – Myth – “the use of Rope will […]

Customers must be prosecuted under Chain of Responsibility

The Waste Industry is a good example of how customers must be prosecuted if change is to be effected in the transport industry. The Waste Industry needs to be cleaned up and its time the authorities took action. Larger operators are generally investing significantly in ensuring compliance with the myriad of laws that effect this […]