Customers must be prosecuted under Chain of Responsibility

The Waste Industry is a good example of how customers must be prosecuted if change is to be effected in the transport industry. The Waste Industry needs to be cleaned up and its time the authorities took action. Larger operators are generally investing significantly in ensuring compliance with the myriad of laws that effect this […]

Using Rope for Load Restraint

Last week, we conducted briefings for over 100 companies in Esperance and Albany WA on the forth coming Compliance and Enforcement (Chain of Responsibility) laws in Western Australia. Whilst our briefings covered the full spectrum of the requirements, to meet the law, the news focused on the use of Rope. It most certainly created an […]

Why Investors Hold Key to Chain of Responsibility Changes

Investors in Retailers may be the key to driving Supply Chain change in the Retail sector; and Chain of Responsibility may be the first true catalyst for change. Chain of Responsibility Scenario Retailers have apparently delayed advising suppliers of intended promotional specials at their stores until the last possible opportunity.  That’s logical as they want […]

Specialists being Employed to Increase Chain of Responsibility Investigations

State Authorities are Employing Specialists to Increase Chain of Responsibility Investigations. Victoria Victoria Police are now employing over 20 specialist mechanics to conduct roadside maintenance inspections.  Already thousands of road side inspections have been conducted. “And it’s rumoured they found one truck with the trailer brakes chained back because the air hose connections were broken.” […]