Business Logistics Marketing in the Asean Region

Over the past few weeks, we have discussed the great array of business logistics opportunities in the Asean region, whilst it is agreed that this is a growing market, how can a Western company succeed in this market?

There is no reason why a Western company with a flexible, patient and ‘listening’ approach to marketing and sales should not succeed in the business logistics Asean market.

“look to local employ Asean people, they are talented, well educated and connected”

As Asean companies and the regions market develops, Asean companies are rapidly becoming more sophisticated in their business logistics systems and practices, thereby creating more opportunities and in turn challenges for Western businesses working within the regions.

Although ongoing East-West cultural differences will continue to pose challenges to western enterprises carrying out marketing in the Asean region, companies that make an effort to understand such variations and integrate them into their marketing strategies will stand a greater chance of succeeding in the Asean business logistics market.

When looking at your business logistics marketing plan you will want to consider how Asean companies prefer to be targeted. In the Asean market, like other markets, the answer to this question is that a wide range of marketing and sales techniques can work, and usually a combination of different methods is necessary.

The overriding piece of advice for Western companies wishing to be successful in the Asean region, is to understand the importance of establishing relationships when targeting Asean companies, and to be prepared to put in the time care and patience required to develop these relationships.

In the Asean business logistics world a network of both personal and business relationships, which can be drawn on will be key to your success. Successful businesses in the Asean region will knowingly spend a great deal of time and energy nurturing relationships. Business logistics relationship building techniques, which can include such things as; attending and completing training courses in the Asean region, as well as attending conferences, hosting lavish dinners and lunches and making both personal and business calls to name a few.

The creation of contacts and good business relationships is undoubtedly critical in Asean business practice. What Western companies sometimes have difficulty coming to terms with is how this trust is gained, and the time it often takes to convince the customer that yours is the product or service that meets their needs.

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Emma Baker

Emma Baker is a senior consultant for Latus. Emma has a background in communications and marketing, with a focus on business development. Her primary focus for Latus is assisting in spearheading the growth and direction of the company´s marketing initiatives in Australia as well as; channel development, strategic partnerships, brand image, and customer acquisition through both online and offline advertising. Emma resides in Melbourne Victoria and holds a degree in Business from Victoria University and Arts, from the University of Ballarat.

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