WA Roll Out – Chain of Responsibility Briefing Sessions

The national model ‘Road Transport Reform’ (Compliance and Enforcement) Bill also known as Chain of Responsibility was introduced in WA in May 2012.  The legislation has now been passed and regulations, including fines and enforcement will come into effect March 2014. WA officials expect the introduction of this legislation to improve road safety, logistics practices […]

Transport Costing models

Whether you are selling or buying transport services, there is a need to understand the actual cost of transport, it reduces transport contract risk. Sales teams bidding for contracts need to know the cost in order to determine the profitability. Buyers need to know the costs in order to determine if they are receiving a […]

Chain of Responsibility – the real risk

Do you have any influence at all over people buying, selling, scheduling, packing or receiving goods?
The Chain of Responsiblity also known as Compliance and Enforcement effects you. AND Sub-contracting out services does NOT remove your responsibility – find out more

Compliance and Enforcement (Chain of Responsibility) Policies

The last article explored the 10 points that needed to be covered under C&E/CoR, the next question is how do we ensure that our business can comply with those 10 items. The most common method is to develop Policies & Procedures (P&P), for our business to work under. Compliance and Enforcement (Chain of Responsibility) Policies […]

Are you Compliant to Chain of Responsiblity?

Effectively the Australian Compliance and Enforcement ( Chain of Responsibility ) model legislation  is “umbrella” legislation that encompasses road rules in its own state. For example, fatigue; maximum work hours in NSW & Victoria are only 15, in Queensland its 16 and in WA 17. Although the hours differ from state to state the Chain […]