Industry Codes of Practice

Initially it needs to be stated that the C&E Bill has now passed through the West Australian Parliament and as such is effectively operational. This means that actual compliance with the Bill is now enforceable and prosecutions could commence. So be ready for an increased effort in this area by enforcement agencies.   With all […]

Policy Procedures – Chain of Responsibility

We have seen many examples of Policies and Procedures over the years.  Ranging enormously in terms of quality and content.  For example: Company “A”, completed a Gap Analysis of their Chain of Responsibility and were told they had 140 fail points within their system, they were duly horrified.   The Board decided to get expert […]

Chain of Maintenance

What do you say “yet another bit of legislation!”— Yes the “Chain of Maintenance” is here, “what do you mean you have never heard of it?” Hmmm well probably not…. I have just created that term as I write this article. Ok so it’s something I just conjured up, but believe me it’s not a […]

You NEED to Prove you took Reasonable Steps

A Court of Appeals recently upheld that it is up to the Defendant NOT the Prosecution to prove that they took Reasonable Steps. More importantly it is up the Defendant to prove what the Reasonable Steps required were, NOT the Prosecution. This has a number of implications which will be discussed over forthcoming articles. “…that […]

Using Rope for Load Restraint

Last week, we conducted briefings for over 100 companies in Esperance and Albany WA on the forth coming Compliance and Enforcement (Chain of Responsibility) laws in Western Australia. Whilst our briefings covered the full spectrum of the requirements, to meet the law, the news focused on the use of Rope. It most certainly created an […]

Specialists being Employed to Increase Chain of Responsibility Investigations

State Authorities are Employing Specialists to Increase Chain of Responsibility Investigations. Victoria Victoria Police are now employing over 20 specialist mechanics to conduct roadside maintenance inspections.  Already thousands of road side inspections have been conducted. “And it’s rumoured they found one truck with the trailer brakes chained back because the air hose connections were broken.” […]