Viet Nam the Logistics Market Opportunity

Viet Namese logistic providers are small at this stage and can only handle 20% of the Viet Nam market demand.
In 2014 the Viet Namese Government is opening up their Logistics market. In accordance with Viet Nam’s commitment to the WTO, it will allow wholly foreign-invested entities to set up. Specifically most foreign logistics companies are positioning themselves as 3pl and 4 pl service providers.

Logistics Sales – Lead Generation Network

Over 70% of your sales leads come from your lead generation network.  That is leads received effectively from referrals. The lead generation network has a structure of 7 related but critical sub markets, network we teach in our courses. Failure of Companies to launch into new markets can most often be attributed to a failure […]

Logistic Sales – How to Trigger a Customer Buying Cycle

Most logistic companies focus on a customer when they enter the buying process stage. That is too late, a good business development plan focuses on creating a solution that targets  the preceding buying process. Other than spur of the moment purchases, most purchases are considered.  However such considerations don’t just happen, something triggers that in […]

Why We Need an Australian National Logistics Policy

A national logistic policy is needed to drive growth in Australian Manufacturing and generate export services revenue in Asia. Logistic policy at a Federal Government level is in the main limited to discussions on Infrastructure investment to reduce bottlenecks and improve productivity.  This is important but it is only one aspect of a National Logistics […]

Why Logistics is driving Trade liberalisation

Logistics is driving international trade liberalisation, but not quite for the reasons you think. Eg the iphone – Invented in Calfornia. Assembled in China. Components made in Germany, Japan, Korea and elsewhere. In other words, today’s manufacturing production is fragmented by phases of production, with each country specializing in a phase according to its comparative […]