Australian Productivity Stagnation – research survey

Latus is frequently asked by Governments and Associations across ASEAN and Australia to consider key Logistic Risk issues.

Currently we are looking at whether training, is really valued by survey imageorganisations and individuals.  We ask that if you have 3 minutes could you complete the survey if you are in the Logistics sector. Click image to start the survey.


The background is that productivity in Australia has stagnated.  It is contended that a cause has been the lack of skills improvement in the workforce, caused by a decline in training investment by organisations.

Our research hypothesis is that organisations have a low perceived value of training qualifications.

What is Productivity?

Productivity in Australia has either remained stagnant or declined in many sectors over the last decade.

Productivity is in simple terms how effectively does an organisation use its resources to make something (or supply a service)  the market is prepared to buy.

Ie if what you supply (product or service) costs to much relative it’s perceived value by the market – your not doing well.  And that is what has happened to Australia over the last decade.  A key component of productivity is skill, the ability to apply more value for less effort.  The basis of raising skills is training.
What are your thoughts on the relative value of training qualifications, complete the survey and receive a copy of the report when its finished.



Mike Wood

Mike is qualified in both Civil and Mechanical Engineering, with Post Graduate qualifications in Logistics and Business Administration and is a qualified RABQSA/Exemplar auditor. The initial phase of his career involved public roads and transportation authorities in technical and management roles with both VicRoads and the Victorian Ministry of Transport and designed Melbourne’s time public transport system Mike then moved into private industry and over several years, held General Manager positions with major logistics service providers with turnovers in excess of $500 million. As his expertise and knowledge grew he moved into consulting and became Principal Consultant with Dawson Consulting, one of the largest Supply Chain and Logistics consulting companies in Australia Mike is now Managing Director of LATUS Business Solutions, which is a highly regarded Business Improvement practice, operating in 3 major area; • Supply Chain & Logistics design; • Compliance implementation & management; • Risk analysis& Safety management • Leading training provider (RTO) in the area of Lean Logistics & Business He has been a Director of transport and logistics industry associations in Queensland and Victoria.

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