About Latus

Since our inception in 2003, Latus has grown to become the international thought leaders in Logistics Risk throughout Asia and Australia.

Today we are a company that are called upon to:

  • Advise Governments on logistics risk issues that impede national productivity.
  • Assist Organisations and Companies in solving logistics risk issues through advice, education and compliance.
  • Educate industry leaders through key note speaking engagements and regular articles.
  • Raise the productivity of companies via training in specialist logistic skills and education in enhanced logistics capabilities.

Latus is committed to being the leading logistics risk provider, providing; advice education and compliance solutions to the transport service industry, governments, engineering and infrastructure sectors.  Latus is driven by its collaborative approach to project delivery and its diversity of skills and capabilities.

“Latus turns competency into mastery, making every student an instant and valuable asset”

LATUS < Lah – Toos> The English meaning of the Latin word ‘latus’ is broad/ extensive. And it’s the source for the English words ‘latitude’. & “lateral’

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